Torrance, CA and Indianapolis, IN (CEDIA) - July 25, 2011 - Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the residential and commercial markets, announces Silver 5D (3D + 2D high definition video), an innovative fabric that offers industry leading passive 3D polarization while maintaining outstanding performance for 2D sources. Perfect for dedicated home cinemas as well as multimedia rooms, the Silver 5D screen material delivers beautiful picture quality for traditional media while also offering 3D capabilities, creating a screen that is both versatile and future proof as more media moves to 3D.

Stewart has applied a huge R&D effort in developing an improved polarization preserving screen technology with reduced artifacts that allows a single screen material to function well with non-polarized 2D projected source material. Stewart is now bringing the fruits of this effort to market in the form of Silver 5D. This breakthrough technology preserves most of the performance of Stewart's leading Silver 3D fabric while improving center to edge uniformity, reducing hot spotting, and furnishing a significantly wider viewing cone. Available in seamless sizes up to 40' x 90', this new hybrid 5D fabric is available in fixed frame, retractable and variable masking models.

To truly give home theater enthusiasts unlimited options for enjoying both 3D and 2D content, the Silver 5D can be MicroPerfed and is THX Ultra certified to create acoustically transparent screen material. Speakers can be hidden behind the single screen without negative effects on sound quality. With a variety of MicroPerf and framing options, the Silver 5D helps you personalize your cinematic experience to create a visually stunning and versatile home theater environment that offers breathtaking picture quality no matter which dimension you choose.

The Silver 5D material has been designed to be compatible with Stewart's CineCurve, Director's Choice masking systems and all premium Stewart fixed mounting systems including the beautiful fixed-frame Gallery Series and the elegant Swarovski Crystal-covered Couture Collection. This screen material can also be rolled and retracted, unlike many options in the past that arem restricted to fixed-frames. This single screen setup saves space, and with flexible framing options, can easily integrate into any business or home theater environment. Silver 5D essentially provides incredible flexibility with limitless application options.

The product will be on display at CEDIA, September 7-11, Booth #4641.

Torrance, CA and Indianapolis, IN (CEDIA) - July 25, 2011 - Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the residential and commercial markets, is proud to announce that the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) will honor Don Stewart with their prestigious 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be presented Saturday, September 10th at the annual Electronic Lifestyles® Awards Banquet during the CEDIA EXPO.

According to CEDIA officials, the Lifetime Achievement Award honors a leader who has exhibited outstanding, creative, innovative, and visionary leadership to the growth and advancement of the residential electronic systems industry. To be considered for this award, nominees will have displayed career achievements that have brought about significant industry advancement and outstanding volunteer service to the growth of CEDIA.

Part of the AV community for over 30 years, Stewart Filmscreen's Vice President, Don Stewart, has been considered a primary figure of the screen industry and a pioneer in engineering high quality, contrast-enhancing screens. He received his formal training in film and video technology from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. His name has become synonymous with precision projection screen technology, as he has dedicated his life to the development of breakthrough products and technologies that advance the image quality in home cinema.

"Stewart Filmscreen was the pioneer in engineering high quality contrast enhancing screens - and has kept a leadership position for decades. Don Stewart has been one of the core CEDIA supporters whose drive to improve image quality moved our industry throughout the entire history of the organization," stated Joel Silver, Imaging Science Foundation. "From Singapore to China, to Australia, EU countries as well as domestic markets, his and the Stewart family's generosity in providing screens enabled CEDIA to have world class screens wherever any of us traveled to promote our industry."

In addition to supporting CEDIA with screens, Stewart has shown his devotion to the industry by personally teaching screen technology classes at CEDIA for 20 consecutive years. His classes date back to the very first CEDIA EXPO at Amelia Island, Florida. His dedication and leadership has served as the backbone of the screen industry.

"Don Stewart's industry leadership and his commitment to image fidelity have helped to bring the home entertainment experience to new heights for countless consumers," said CEDIA CEO Utz Baldwin. "We are proud to recognize his contributions to the industry and his longtime support of CEDIA and CEDIA members."

Don has gone beyond product creation to singlehandedly train more people in the home theater industry on screens than all other manufacturers and integrators combined. He has made it his mission to ensure that those who specify, sell, and install these products have all the technical, marketing and sales tools necessary to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver an enveloping, cinematic environment that brings the excitement and immersion of the program source material to the viewers in the best way possible. As the industry has moved from single-aspect ratio, CRT-based standard definition, to multiple aspect ratio high definition 3D capable micro-displays, Don Stewart has been there to usher in progress, growth, and education.

Don Stewart's Achievements and Technical Contributions:
  • Don pioneered the gray screen technology movement
  • His thinking was the genesis of the concept of "dynamic range" in AV applications introducing the concept of system performance (projector, ambient light and screen) and the concept of "system black."
  • Don pioneered an in-house effort of Stewart Filmscreen to provide valid predictions of achievable contrast ratios in real world environments with ambient light challenges. He established a new screen metric, the Ambient Light Reflectance Value, (ALRV), which allows designers and integrators to successfully predict and quantify the performance of a given projector and screen combination, over a range of light conditions.
  • Don was a significant part of the InfoComm Projected Image Task Group that included a heavy representation from CEDIA including Dave Pedigo, Rich Green, and Grant Stewart.
  • His personal involvement in CEDIA and other HT activities went beyond event support. With the "Post-Banquet CEDIA Jam Session" supporting the Elf Foundation and the Home Theater Cruise too. Don's leadership extended to InfoComm International serving on the Board of Governers and Chaired the famous projector shoot out committee which standardized with Stewart StudioTek 130 projection screens.
  • He helped promote the benefits of HD by being the first to show these incredible images at a CEDIA private suite, and on the show floor in many years following
  • Don's legacy include the industry leading UltraMatte 300 and VideoMatte 2000 - these two high gain front projection screens allowed CRT projectors to show excellent home theatre images in a residential settings.
  • Screen Assistant - Web-automated screen selection guide
  • Microperf - Acoustically transparent screen
  • FireHawk - Contrast enhancing screen
  • GrayHawk - Screen that improves black level, shadow detail color saturation
  • StudioTek 130 and StudioTek 100 - Reference standard screen materials in the Residential AV
  • StarGlas - Architectural glass screen for rear projection
  • AcoustiMask - Acoustically transparent screen masking system
  • The BRIC Masking Control System - Enables precision setting of multiple masking presets

About Stewart Filmscreen
Stewart Filmscreen is recognized as the 'benchmark' manufacturer of projection screens worldwide. The qualities that make Stewart Filmscreen products the pinnacle of optimal function and value are guaranteed by extreme attention to detail throughout all of the activities of the company. In order to satisfy customers and integrators worldwide, Stewart listens carefully, innovates thoughtfully and executes flawlessly, meeting or exceeding all customer expectations. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has grown from a small business to an international corporation. Stewart is headquartered in Torrance California, and has an additional manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Satellite sales and manufacturing operations are maintained in Singapore and in Denmark. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is available at

About CEDIA:
CEDIA is an international trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home. The association was founded in September 1989 and has more than 3,500 member companies worldwide. CEDIA members are established and insured businesses with bona fide qualifications and experience in this specialized field.

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