Torrance, CA and Singapore - February 07, 2012 - Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the residential and commercial markets, was honored with the 2011 HiVi Award for the Reflections Active 170 3D screen material from Japan's HiVi Magazine.

For this year's awards, HiVi Magazine recognized the Reflections Active 170 3D screen as the "Best Peripheral Product" of 2011, placing it in the upper echalon of Active 3D screen materials. The HiVi winners are selected from new products introduced throughout the year and voted on by Stereosound publishers. This marks Stewart Filmscreen's second HiVi award for international excellence in projection screen material.

"The Reflections Active 170 3D material is an exquisite choice for home theaters requiring an active 3D solution that is also quite suitable for traditional 2D viewing," said Mr. Takatsu, esteemed Japanese video critic and Chief of the Selection Committee for the award. "Stewart's international reference level projection materials create home theater environments that outshine the cinematic experience achieved in most theaters, bringing the best in home cinema to consumers - the Reflections Active material is no exception and even responds well to interiors with uncontrollable ambient lighting including rooms with white walls."

"We are honored to receive the HiVi Award for our Reflections Active 170 3D screen and strive to provide international excellence in projection screen materials for every use case," said Grant Stewart, President of Stewart Filmscreen. "There are home theater enthusiasts throughout the globe who are seeking a heightened sense of immersion, and screens like our award-winning Reflections Active have taken two-piece 3D projection to the next level."

The Reflections material works exceptionally well with low light output 3D projectors, creating an incredible home theater environment without high-lumen and expensive projectors. The material also performs well in situations with some ambient light, making it suitable for rooms where complete control over lighting is not possible. These features contributed to the international interest in the Reflections screen and captured the attention of HiVi Magazine's editors.

The Reflections Active 170 features a high degree of brightness, over 70% greater in comarison to unity gain screens, that delivers a superior image to viewers using active shutter glasses. Even with this high brightness, its superb color, white field uniformity and exemplary viewing cone make it well suited for virtually any environment, including long-throw cinema applications. The material can also be perforated for acoustial transparency, and delivers excellent 2D performance.

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